Green Mortgage

The Green Mortgage is a type of mortgage loan that, as its name indicates by the “green” part, takes into account the energy efficiency of the home to determine its conditions. The higher this energy efficiency, the more profitable the mortgage loan you can get. Any company or individual can request it.

With this type of mortgage, the home that is bought, built or reformed must be equipped with ecotechnologies to save water, electricity and gas … Examples of this can be in toilets, thermal insulators, solar heaters …

As we tell you, in the Green Mortgage the energy efficiency certificate is key. Think that if you decide to buy a house with good energy certification it means that you can have great savings on bills.

The homes that have the best score, that is, A +, are the ones that will have the highest discount and those that have the letter G, which is the last letter, will have a lower discount on the interest rate.

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