The Andalusian government will regulate the homes for tourist use.

The province of Malaga has the largest number of apartments for tourist use in Andalusia: there are already more than 32,000 registered homes, which provide about 170,000 accommodation places.

This new accommodation model is one of the great challenges of the tourism sector, which seeks to create a common regulation to regulate them.

For this reason, the Andalusian government will address the problem of tourist housing in the new Land Law in which it is working to facilitate coexistence and not generate conflicts or monopolize areas of municipalities.

The regulation from Urbanism will go towards simple rules that allow citizen coexistence so that tourist uses are located where they do not create problems.

Likewise, it has been considered important that “turismophobia” is not generated and that specific areas of the cities are not monopolized.

In Marbella, there are differences with respect to the tourist dwellings located in this city of the Costa del Sol. The number of tourist apartments is greater than in Malaga capital, but they are more residential spaces, houses of at least six seats, very centralized in New Andalucía and Las Chapas, with a client with greater purchasing power. Therefore, a joint regulation is needed that will prevent tourist overcrowding and will benefit the citizen.

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